High precision control of surface roughness

Precision engineered parts such as gas turbine components leave no room for error when it comes to surface treatment. The MMP technology logo is a surface finishing technology based upon selective filtration of wavelength ranges of roughness, allowing for the production of very precise and selective surface states.

The results are both uniform and reproducible: MMP technology logo is an industrial process that ensures total traceability and industrial-grade control of all parameters right up to the final finish.

MMP technology logo is highly effective on almost every alloy, regardless of hardness. MMP technology logo can efficiently treat parts made from any manufacturing method, including forging, casting, machining, EDM/ECM, and additive layer methods (DMLS, SLM, etc.).

Technical benefits of using logo MMP :

• Increased resistance to corrosion
• Reduced friction
• Increased resistance to wear
• Improved aerodynamics

logo MMP advantages :

• Costs and lead-times are predictable and tightly controlled
• Homogeneous finishes can be reproduced to industrial standards for each item
• Treated components can exhibit superior technical performance
• Ensures industrial-standard traceability and uses certified quality procedures



• Blades
• Blisks / IBRs
• Stators
• Guide Vanes
• Bearings and gear boxes
• ...

The MMP technology logo is particularly well suited to finishing parts produced using additive layering technologies such as EOS’s Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process.

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