Outils coupantsCutting tools

Selective preservation of surface topography

The unique ability of the MMP technology logo to selectively target roughness can dramatically impact the performance and tool life of specialized cutting tools.

Technical benefits of using logo MMP :

• Reduces flute friction, dramatically improving chip evacuation
• Improves lubrication retention, reducing heat generation
• Controlled and repeatable edge honing
• Superior surface preparation prior to coating improves adhesion of thin coatings (i.e. PVDs)
• Treating PVD coatings improves cut quality by reducing friction

logo MMP advantages :

• Increased tool life
• Increased cutting speed
• Increased feed rates
• Superior consistency

Micro-burrs are removed and cutting edge strength is increased




• Deep hole drills
• Forming taps
• High performance inserts
• Milling cutters for nickel and titanium alloys

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