NEWSLETTER N°2- October 2012

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 ISO 13485:2003 Medical Certification for MMP TECHNOLOGY®, USA

Greg Harter

MMP TECHNOLOGY® recently got a big boost in the Medical industry with MicroTek Finishing's recent ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Registration, paving the way for the company to provide super-finishing services to an even broader array of implant and medical device manufacturers. This milestone was achieved through the hard work of our dedicated team of professionals, and in particular, our Quality Manager, Mr. Greg Harter. Our ISO 13485 Certification adds another layer of control to our already impressive systems that are in place to ensure the highest quality and consistency in the super-finishing industry.

The medical devices manufacturing community is taking advantage of this new resource at their disposal, and MicroTek Finishing, the exclusive provider of MMP TECHNOLOGY® in North America, is already in production with several different implant components, including one that's a Class III device with exceptionally tight tolerances that couldn't be polished with any other automated system in existence today. An article in the April 2012 issue of PRODUCTS FINISHING Magazine explores the technical merits of the Micro Machining Process and how its unique capabilities bring value to the medical industry. The article explains the underlying principles of the Micro Machining Process and it highlights the advantages it has over traditional polishing processes.

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 ISO 9001:2008 Certification for BESTinCLASS in Switzerland:

BESTinCLASS, the Swiss company that invented MMP TECHNOLOGY®, just raised the quality bar for its Genolier facility customers by achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification for Superfinishing using the Micro Machining Process! The next goal is to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO EN-9100 certification at the French production facility. Mr. Renaud Faye, the BESTinCLASS Quality Manager for both the French and Swiss facilities, was the lead person responsible for the Swiss facility's ISO 9001:2008 success, and he has already begun initiatives within the company to take advantage of their new Quality certification.

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