NEWSLETTER N°1- march 2012
  Invented by BESTinCLASS, the innovative deburring and polishing technology known as the Micro Machining Process (MMP) is available exclusively through five production facilities located in Europe, the United States, and China, as follows:
  • BESTinCLASS in Genolier, Switzerland and in Saint Priest, France
  • MicroTek Finishing in Cincinnati, Ohio - USA
  • First Surface in Newbury - UK
  • Bridge Fine Works in Kunshan - China
This group is scheduled to expand in the near future with the opening of a production facility in Germany.
 Very positive results recorded for cutting tools

Thanks to a focused R&D program aimed at adapting our MMP Technology to specific customers' needs, we have achieved some very impressive results in the cutting tools field.

Initially, research work was focused on 3 main types of tools:
  • PVD coated deep drills
  • High Performance coated inserts used for oil industry drill pipe cutting
  • Turning inserts for Titanium machining

Our goals included improving tool life and/or performance by:

  • Reducing the roughness of the PVD coating
  • Polishing the drill's flutes to improve chip evacuation
  • Optimize the cutting tool's edge hone

Our results were stunning for PVD coated deep hole drills:

  • Approximately a 50% increase in tool life
  • A more predictable life span (i.e. tighter standard deviation) due to an 80% reduction in PVD coating roughness and significantly improved chip evacuation due to the polished flutes

We also saw impressive performance improvements for High Performance Carbide Inserts that are used in drill pipe cutting applications within the oil industry, with an approximately 20% increase in tool life.

In general, the following improvements can be achieved by applying our Micro Machining Process to specialized cutting tools:

  • Longer tool life – up to 1.8 times longer
  • More predictable tool life
  • Higher feed rates
  • Higher cutting speeds

These improvements can be attributed to a superior cutting edge from our micro-deburring and micro-honing process, which creates a more homogenous cutting edge, thereby distributing the cutting force more evenly across the edge and decreasing failure points. Also contributing to the improved performance are the highly polished flutes, which reduce chip packing by providing superior chip evacuation.

The following URL contains an independent technical paper from TechSolve, Inc. detailing test results of high speed turning
of Ti-6Al-4V using MMP'd inserts: technical paper from TechSolve

 Agreements in progress with manufacturers and high volume users
As our customers realize the cost / benefit ratio of using MMP on their specialized cutting tools and inserts, we are entering into an increasing number of discussions about long term production agreements and licensing, both with cutting tool manufacturers and with high volume end-users. Meanwhile, we continue to evolve our technology as we move into processing PVD coated carbide drills and PVD coated carbide milling tools.

« Without any doubt, our results have proven we can attain our target goals, and they are even exceeding many of our customers' expectations » concludes Dr. Laurent Cataldo, CEO of BESTinCLASS.

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