NEWSLETTER N°4- january 2014

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 MicroTek Finishing, LLC moves to larger facility

After four years in our West Chester facility on Muhlhauser Drive, MicroTek Finishing is proud to announce that we have successfully completed our move to a new facility at 5579 Spellmire Drive, giving us approximately three times as much space for current and future growth.

According to Tim Bell, VP of Business Development, the market has embraced MMP TECHNOLOGY® as an affordable and industrially reliable step in the manufacturing process.

This innovative precision surface finishing service, developed by the Swiss company BESTinCLASS SA, is giving MicroTek’s North American customer base a competitive edge that was not available in this region prior to MicroTek’s arrival.

As demand for the service has increased, MicroTek has been adding personnel and equipment until our facility itself became the constraining factor. The new facility is geographically very close to our old facility, but we now have three times as much space for our operations and administration, giving us the headroom we need to meet our projected growth over the next several years.

 Development activity at MicroTek Finishing:

MicroTek Finishing’s key developing markets are Aerospace, Medical, and Transmissions (i.e. gears). Customers in these markets have been able to identify specific competitive advantages they can derive from using MMP TECHNOLOGY® to improve the surface finish of their parts, ranging from increased performance and reliability, to improved efficiency. Some of our customers are applying MMP TECHNOLOGY® not only to their new parts, but also to their reconditioned used parts.

A recent publication by the US Army highlights some specific advantages attained in transmission applications. Another area of strong growth for MicroTek is the additive manufacturing arena. With “3D printing” in the headlines on a frequent basis, an increasing number of companies are evaluating how additive manufacturing can improve their products.
MMP TECHNOLOGY® is well suited to improving the surface finish on many additive parts, and MicroTek has a strong background in processing these types of components, so we are seeing increased interest from a wide range of companies.

Mr. Bell notes that MicroTek’s sales volume is currently divided among the different markets approximately as follows: Aviation 60%, Medical 20%, Energy 10%, Tooling 5%, and Luxury 5%.


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